There's a timer for everything — life, study, cooking, cleaning, and your peaceful yoga. PowerTimer keeps track of everything so you can focus on what's important right here right now.


Fall back into love with point-and-shoot with Monologue, the camera that doesn't require action to give you beautiful shots. Your photos will look like works from the 90s on analog films — the colour, the date mark, and the chemistry of history.


Frame your shots with the 1990s classic Polaroid photos. Moments of your life is better with a frame that speaks your identity, and you will just love to pump up the holiday spirit with seasonal film packs.


在英文版系统中,iPhone 通讯录的中文联系人无法被正确排序——这时候小张就可以帮忙了。小张是你勤劳的通讯录管家,他可以为你的通讯录联系人正确排序,自动识别姓氏中的多音字。简单设置之后,小张还会不定期在后台检查你通讯录新增的联系人,自动为他们排序,保持你通讯录的整洁。小张支持 iCloud、Google 和 CardDAV 等多个协议同步的联系人,因此排序的效果也可以在你别的设备上完美呈现。 (Only available in Chinese.)


With the ultra wide aspect ratio, everything you take with the camera comes off of the silver screen. HRZN lends the felt of film colour and the nostalgic sense. Use it for free with the colourful Film: Metropolitan, or unlock everything with a price less than a cup of latte. Let Film: Santa Cruz take you back to that vacation in Southern California, or enhance patterns with the one and only black and white Film: Cosmos.


ReadOnly 聚合你微博时间线中的文章、视频和链接,可以把你的微博变成属于你自己的新闻阅读器。在 ReadOnly 中,不带链接的短内容会被过滤,它也不会为你展示任何图片。点击一条微博即可直达链接的内容。你还可以将微博保存到应用内的阅读列表,或是将内容收藏到微博账号,在任何支持的微博客户端中同步。 (Only available in Chinese.)