Plant Care Made Easy

Organize your house plants.

Keep track of individual care tasks, such as watering, fertilizing and repotting.

Log plant growth with photos. Share your progress with the world with timestamped postcards.

All in one app.

  • Stay on track with smart reminders

    Set up care schedules for all tasks related to plant care, such as watering, fertilizing, or repotting. Easily adjust task repeat interval, or set them up for one-time deed.
  • Today at a glance. And tomorrow

    PlantPal shows you what's due today so you know what to work on. It also shows you what's due tomorrow, because plant care tasks are never too rigid.
  • Organized and in place

    Organize your plants into different rooms of your home. Keep them in place and tidy. If you have another home (a vacation cabin, or even your workplace) you can create multiple homes. Within each room, you can optionally group plants that grow together, so that you can water or fertilize them together.
  • Keep your care notes at hand

    Take photos of plant labels when you take them out of the pot. Write down any notes you gathered for caring the plant, and have everything ready in one place. You can also add URLs to websites, or to other apps such as a note in Bear or Evernote.
  • Organic app, zero b.s.

    PlantPal is entirely the work of an indie developer. He uses the app daily to care for his 40-something houseplants. This is not from a team that don't care for plants, and constantly push you to "read this article" or "watch that video". No ads. No unsolicited and quiet data collection. No uploading your photos up the internet.
  • Track plant growth

    Take photos to track the growth of your plants. Add captions if you choose so. With Photobook, you can easily see how your plant has grown over days, months or years. With one tap, you can generate timestamped postcards and share your gardening progress with the world.