Away Under Fire

2019/12/9 10:59 PM

I happened to have read The Verge’s coverage on Away’s CEO Steph Korey and the “toxic culture” she brought, right after it was published last Thursday.

Then came Monday, she got replaced by Stuart Haselden, the COO at Lululemon.

Writing Challenge Aftermath

2019/12/5 9:11 PM

A while back I pledged to share something — anything — every day in the month of November. I did it. Granted, a few days were kind of lacking where I basically put garbage up, but I’ve enjoyed the process overall and did made a few pieces that I’m really fond of.

There’s also a few things I noticed —

I’ve noticeably lowered the bar of what can or cannot go into the blog, and it’s for the better. I didn’t reach for “perfect” for each and every post. Time didn’t allow that. They were not exactly as lengthy as before (some, are, quite, short), but they’ve done just as a good job to capture whatever that interested me.

Tech Sector Jokes of 2019

2019/12/4 1:15 PM

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, via the Google Blog:

We’ve never been ones to hold on to management roles when we think there’s a better way to run the company. And Alphabet and Google no longer need two CEOs and a President. Going forward, Sundar will be the CEO of both Google and Alphabet. He will be the executive responsible and accountable for leading Google, and managing Alphabet’s investment in our portfolio of Other Bets. We are deeply committed to Google and Alphabet for the long term, and will remain actively involved as Board members, shareholders and co-founders. In addition, we plan to continue talking with Sundar regularly, especially on topics we’re passionate about!

First of all, nice exclamation point!

Apple Style Guide Excursion

2019/12/2 10:38 PM

Had some fun reading through Apple’s Style Guide; made some revelations big and small. Did you know — at least by Apple’s standards — that website is one word? And that in the sentence “The temperature is –7 degrees on the mountain,” you need to use an en-dash to denote numbers below zero?

I didn’t. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


2019/11/30 10:25 PM

Morning in Kitsilano

Kitsilano. iPhone XS.

今天趁着周六醒得早去温哥华逛了逛,在 4th Ave 吃了早饭以后去 Kits 的海边走了走。别看就这二十分钟车程,温哥华的生活习惯和本拿比这种华人密集的区域天差地别——这么冷的天气早上跑步遛狗骑车的一个接一个,去星巴克敲键盘、看报纸的,去 Whole Foods 买吃的买花的。本拿比的起床时间更像个年轻人,就总会晚一些,十一点多了商场才会热闹起来;看报纸何必要去咖啡馆呢,白瞎这五块钱的咖啡钱。


2019/11/29 11:03 PM

周五的下午踌躇了很久最后还是决定早点回家。Binge 了几个 Apple Arcade 的游戏,把最近差一丁点玩通的游戏收了尾。

INMOST, Where Cards Fall, GrindstoneWhat the Golf 算是收尾了,感觉接下来会玩 Sasquatch, Bleak SwordTakeshi and Hiroshi

Apple Arcade 确实降低了尝试游戏的成本,不过我发现上百款游戏里真的值得玩的也没几个呀。玩了半天发现,论操作手感、画面、可重复性,还是 Doodle Jump、Tiny Wings、Alto’s Odyssey、Super Hexagon 这些早期作品更经典,这么多年了也没从手机里删掉过。

2019/11/28 11:02 PM


但我发现最近开始更多的看到朋友圈的鸡汤了。也许是现在的鸡汤写的更平和了,不像以前那样喊口号,编一个 “我还有一个朋友,她” 的故事。但我觉得最主要的原因还是我越来越多感受到鸡汤文里真实和引起共鸣的那一面,哪怕它们只占了3%。


What do you want to be in a few years?


Well… if this was an interview I’d probably have a different answer. But no I don’t think I have a plan. I don’t know what I want to be. If anything, my last few years told me that plans are overrated — don’t judge me. But I figured out what I like to do. And a lot of people can’t do even that.

Typemaster Wannabe

2019/11/27 11:01 PM

Had some fun with the type face test: Scored 72/100, got called “Typemaster Wannabe,” and signed up for the “free 7-day course.”

I touched font and type way back, in 2015 when I was not even in Canada. It’s good to have a revisit and to appreciate something out of pure curiosity and the desire to improve and perfect some skills.

Working away from a Desk

2019/11/26 11:00 PM

About two weeks ago I started entertaining the thought of working in anywhere but at my desk. And for the past week I’ve done just that: I started hogging around the company’s cafeteria to get work done. I’ve even used the counter top spaces in our IT department which is all the way across the company building.

Surprisingly, it worked like magic: I find myself doing more work within one hour than I typically do an entire morning. I tend to get razor focused and have the clarity on what can and cannot be done. There have always been technical, human, or intellectual blockers, but I find it easier to move on to what can be done in the cafeteria.

I’m pretty sure it’s 70-80% psychological, but if it works, it works.

Previously: Being Productive in Irrelevant Meetings.

Morning Fog

2019/11/25 11:12 PM

Fog over Metrotown

Fog over Metrotown. Sony A7iii.

早上不知道哪来的雾,六点四十分天还没亮就在路灯的照映下遮遮掩掩覆盖了东边的街道,一直蔓延到远处的 Surrey 和山上。穿戴整齐下楼跑步一圈回来天已经半亮,去阳台拍下了北边的这一张照片。

背对着窗户吃完早饭,十分钟的功夫,这浓雾一下盖到了窗户上,一片死白,就像在电影 Arrival 里那个外星生物写字的玻璃白墙。再过一会雾就消了。

Free Solo

2019/11/24 11:18 PM

下午终于有空看完了 Free Solo,一部关于 Alex Honnold 成为徒手攀登 El Capitan 第一人的纪录片。

纪录片的结局是写定的,但 Free Solo 通过对部分攀岩线路的难度的刻画让我不时感到跌宕惊险,看电影的时候都能感受到自己全身肌肉的 cringe……

此外,这部片子难得的展示了 Alex 攀岩这一爱好对他身边人带来的影响。比如 Alex 的女朋友如何在他这样的生活方式和充满危险的事业上找到自己的平衡。比如导演 Jimmy Chin 在得知 Alex 第一次 free solo 尝试半途放弃后的复杂内心变化:担忧、惋惜、关切,还有知道 Alex 不会因为剧组的存在而硬着头皮完成任务的那种如释重负。再比如 Alex 本身的 upbringing 对于他的选择和他对世界对人的看法的影响。作为一个专注一项极限运动的纪录片,Free Solo 的情感包袱很重,这非常令我惊喜。

Journaling vs. Note Taking

2019/11/23 11:47 PM

There’s a fundamental difference between how things are sorted in a note app and a journal app: notes are relevant as they as accessed and modified and updated; journal entries are relevant with the date on which they are created.

So Bear would probably never fit as a journal app and replace my use for Day One. Sadly.

Previously: Initial Thoughts on Bear App.

Initial Thoughts on Bear App

2019/11/22 10:15 PM
  • Notes are plain text-based. You don’t need your mouse to write and there’s a ton of convenient shortcuts to navigate and organize with the keyboard alone.

  • Nested Tags is a killer feature: it borrows the good things from both worlds of Folders and Tags. You can nest tags to create hierarchy, while each note can belong to more than one tag.

Sunset on Cypress

2019/11/21 10:02 PM

Sunset on Cypress Mountain

Sunset on Cypress Mountain, Feb 2019. iPhone XS.

Came across this photo (along with a piece of note) while I was migrating my notes from Apple’s Notes app to Bear. I have 174 notes in total, 50 of which I can probably toss… Then there’s paperwork, checklists, templates, or “ideas” that don’t belong anywhere else. I’ll see how Bear goes :D

Morning Brew, etc.

2019/11/20 11:04 PM

I’ve been enjoying Morning Brew, a light-weight newsletter all about business news that’s delivered 6am in the morning (Pacific Time). The newsletter has a little bit of everything — tech, retail, emerging business, international relationships — and has everything to the perfect amount. It’s a great complement to my Feedly subscriptions: great breadth of topics and healthy assortment of opinions. You should try it.

Later in the day I figured, “why not just build a page of all the goodies I discovered over time?” So I just went on and made this “goodies” page. It’s not linked to from any page yet (except for the page you are reading right now), but it’s a start.

2019/11/20 12:45 AM

“你看咱俩要是抽烟就好了,这晚上火警一响,抽根烟,没事儿了就上楼睡觉了……” 我跟他念叨,“不抽烟,还得绕路去吃个麦乐鸡。”

2019/11/20 12:16 AM

When you aspire to write at least something every day for a month, you eventually run out of things to talk about.

Then you start writing about the struggle to churn out something.

Disney Plus

2019/11/18 10:30 PM

Just canceled my Netflix and jumped over to Disney Plus. For CA8.99 (or half the price of Netflix’s 4K tier for $16.99), I get to stream all those Nat Geo documentaries, the entire series of The Simpsons, and bunch of Disney and Pixar classics. Also I got to finally watch Free Solo.

Screw Netflix. The complete series of The Office is for $70 on iTunes; How I Met Your Mother for $80. A year of Netflix runs me $204. I’ll probably re-sub for a month for something like BoJack Horseman series finale or another documentary series as good as Our Planet. Otherwise, I’m not paying anything for the money they pour into the series’ I can’t care less about.

Should’ve done it long ago.


2019/11/17 11:17 PM


AirPods Pro

2019/11/16 6:58 AM

此时此刻正戴着一副 AirPods Pro 在 Surrey 天车站旁的星巴克里敲下这一堆文字。拜 Canada Post 所赐我这周二才拿到新耳机,上班戴了一个礼拜不得不说网上中英文社区的彩虹屁不是白吹的。

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