One of Those Days


Om Malik:

When I am alone in Iceland, Svalbard, or Alaska, I am looking for that same moment of silence away from the noise that engulfs us every day — a moment that allows me to think, breathe, and enjoy. And when I find it, I make it into a photograph that can be brought home and savored later.


前一段时间网上找了找黑暗模式的设计思路,发现看了一圈下来各种野路子都有,最后还是觉得苹果的开发者大会的 session 讲的最好。

这个 session 上来就明确了一点:黑暗模式并非是设计一套明度比较低的主题风格,而是系统化地设计一套体系,让同一个界面在默认模式和黑夜模式下让人都能感到熟悉,没有陌生和割裂的感觉。这可能也是为什么网上许多野狐蝉的设计教程和 “经验分享” 没有什么用——他们都在告诉你自己在设计暗色主题界面的时候踩过哪些坑,而没有人把默认的亮色模式和黑暗模式结合起来,将界面元素的关系抽象出来之后进行设计。

After a round of bulletpoint mini reviews, I think I’m ready to prose on Apple Arcade as a product.

There’s a very good reason why I almost never play free games: the developers are there to make money off of me, one way or another. If I don’t pay something up front, they are gonna get the money somehow. In a rare fortunate case, I pay to unlock the full game — a clean, one-time transaction. This is no different than a paid game with a trial period.

In other cases, there’s the hook for you to pay up, and micro transactions have made it super easy to plug in such hooks. The levels are made extremely hard so you’d either have to wait 6 hours to retry or pay $0.99. Pay $2.99 and your coins will be doubled forever and ever, essentially giving a 50% discount to the weapon you need to guarantee a win.

With the most recent update, HRZN 3.0.2 supports iPhone 11 and 11 Pro for real.

The last time with Version 3.0, I had no iPhone 11 to test on (I still don’t have a friend who can loan me an 11 Pro). As a result, the zoom factor was wrong:

AVCaptureDevice Zoom Factor
(as I thought)
Zoom Factor
iPhone 11 Pro, 13mm 0.5x 1x
iPhone 11 Pro, 26mm 1x 2x
iPhone 11 Pro, 52mm 2x 4x
iPhone 11, 13mm 0.5x 1x
iPhone 11, 26mm 1x 2x
iPhone XS, 26mm 1x 1x
iPhone XS, 52mm 2x 2x

这两天又从 Apple News 重新回到了 RSS。当初从 RSS 移走是两个考虑,一个是真的对 Apple News 有一些好奇,终于来了加拿大总要试一试;一个是觉得 RSS 有一个巨大的弊端:因为 RSS 只能看到你订阅的 source,这样很容易就陷入一个 echo chamber。

这两天又回到 RSS 其实原因也很简单:其一是我不好奇了,Apple News 也就这样,包括 News+ 几百个杂志对我也没什么利益点;其二是 Apple News 并不是 echo chamber 的解决办法,反而一些杂乱的新闻来源看了平添烦恼。

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