Christina Tosi's Diatribe on the Cake


Christina Tosi via Chef’s Table, 10:09 into Season 4, Episode 1:

From being in culinary school, around all of these insane masters of beauty and perfection when it comes to finishing a cake, they had tired me out completely to the point where I was like, “I don’t think cake should be frosted.” I’ve seen how obsessed you can get with frosting a cake, and that time should be spent elsewhere. That time should be spent in the actual layers of cake or frostings or fillings or whatever it is, but it shouldn’t be spent on a turntable, trying to make the perfect, perfect, perfect frosted cake. For what? We’re not in pottery class.

There’s a world of flavours; there’s a world of texture. Cake should be delivering more than that. And when I start to think about all of these different moments and decisions and time and work put into making the most delicious cake and cake soak and frosting and crumb and filling… Why would I cover it up? It is that dollhouse moment of looking in and being like, “I wanna see the world of amazing things that’s happening on the inside,” the little intricacies of how I’m thinking about your perfect bite of layer cake.

So we don’t frost the sides of the cake. That’s my diatribe on the cake.

二十多集的 Chef’s Table 其实只有 Christina 这一集能够引起共鸣,这大概得益于她自己十分具有表现力的表达方式,还有他和 Dave Chang 的 dynamics。Christina 十足的表现力让人觉得她的成功来自对自己事业的无限热情和爱好,以及来自心底执着追求的勇气。