Alto’s Odyssey


Been working for three days this week after Chinese New Year. Been playing Alto’s Odyssey for at least 10 hours combined on and off work. Can’t fucking put it down.

Alto's Odyssey

If you enjoyed its prequel “Alto’s Adventure,” this new game is a no brainer. It’s soothing, challenging to the right amount, and full of details for you to discover. Experience day/night cycles and traverse through harsh conditions of sandstorms and heavy rains, or from time to time, lose yourself under the peaceful clear sky of a thousand stars.

Throughout the game, you will unlock new mechanisms and distinct areas that are refreshing and fun to play with. New elements such as balloons and wall riding (Hey, Lúcio!) expand verticality and enable insanely skillful combos for pro players.

Squint your eyes and you may find some kinks or bugs for the game to work out, but it is overall a serene and addictively fun masterpiece. Graphics are breathtaking, especially if you have an iPad or an Apple TV.

If you don’t have a Nintendo Switch, get Odyssey today.