Mingbi.io 以太冥币


Mingbi.io is a project (and the first blockchain project) I wish I was a part of. For some background information:

Mingbi is essentially “money for the dead”; it’s a tribute that people put on and burn up for their past elders and ancestors on Tomb-sweeping Day in China.

Mingbi.io is practically a mirror of that kind of tribute, and it’s beautifully simple to use: you can request to coin a serialized Mingbi (an ERC 721) from The Mint of Heaven, and later burn it and put someone’s name in the memorial. Coin a Mingbi and the price of coining another one goes up; burn one and the price falls.

What I love (and feel envious to hell) about this product are three things:

  1. It is simple — coin or burn and that’s it. The two steps form a minimal closed product circuit. And because it’s simple, the product is hauntingly beautiful.

  2. It works on many levels: remembering the dead (Stephen Hawking’s name is in the memorial), introducing a green way of tomb sweeping (which is a great answer to the government’s call to never burn something in a graveyard), and it helped to relieve the prejudice that blockchain equals crazy ICO scams.

  3. I really appreciate the developer’s sense of humour in saying this product solved the inflation problem that plagued the Land of the Dead. After all, we put too many zeroes on the paper Mingbi:

Paper Mingbi

I doubt if Mingbi.io will ever go viral and hit a hundred transactions per day, but I bet it’ll make Top 3 for the smartest blockchain apps of 2018.

If you haven’t checked out the website you really should. For me, I’ll just go back to designing more mediocre dApps :/