I Never Get Moral Vegetarians


I never get moral vegetarians.

Sure I get religious vegetarians, mostly. And sometimes you’d think that there’s a philosophically blurry line between moral vegetarians and religious ones – it’s just a matter of what you believe. The difference is, moral vegetarians choose what to believe, and religious vegetarians choose what not to believe. This is why moral vegetarians puzzle me: they have deliberately chosen to inconvenient themselves, in terms of financial and way of life, for seemingly nothing in exchange.

The next thing that puzzles me is, I haven’t met any moral vegetarians that celebrates their lifestyle. They shy away from Chinese and Japanese food where meat and fish abound; they make sure nothing they order on a menu contains animal products; they create meat substitutes and make a hell of a company. They always talk how easy it is to live a vegetarian lifestyle, but never anything of how the lifestyle makes them feel better.

And just look at the food they eat:

Instead of working in all the weird naming to quench your hunger for meat, how about just create some balanced and delicious dishes from the ground up? Granted it takes a genius (or the genius of a thousand chefs throughout the history of vegetarian religions) but you gotta start somewhere.