Bread FM Newsletter

Bread FM is a podcast I’ve been co-hosting since 2013. It’s a show on tech trends, games, apps, lifestyle and productivity. We have since written quite a few (very opinionated) longform articles to our WeChat subscribers, which are archived here. Over time, I found it hard to produce high quality articles consistently but I did come across many great pieces worth reading. Another challenge was, good games and apps might pop up from time to time, but I didn’t find them worthy of a full dedicated article.

In March 2016 I decided to spend my free time on a new editorial endeavor which later took form of the Bread FM Newsletter. Every issue of the Newsletter was divided into bite-size sections and was easy to digest. Sections included recommendations for good apps and games, noteworthy hardware and accessories, headline news, and occassionally, some original articles. I have specifically designed the newsletters to be mobile friendly — the same contents looked great on a phone and on a desktop computer. They were delivered to my subscribers’ inbox, and provided me a very personal way to be in touch with my readers (many of whom have been fans of the podcast).

Despite the 1,100 subscribers I gleaned for the year of trying, I decided to put it on end-of-life (reasoned here in Chinese). The entire archive can be found here.

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