With HRZN, users can point and shoot in 21:9 wide frames, with live preview for easy composition. Photos are stored locally in the app’s folder, ready to be reviewed and shared. Users can easily stitch together multiple photos from a same event to share to social networks, or add appropriate paddings for sharing to Instagram.

With dramatic aspect ratio and filter effects, anything you shoot is transformed in a timeless piece of art. This video below demonstrates the before and after of a pedestrian 4:3 photo and a processed 21:9 HRZN production.

As a free download, HRZN offers anyone a free analog film to use. For more nostalgic effects, users may opt to unlock everything with an in-app purchase (priced at $2.99 USD or ¥18 CNY).

Although users may shoot with default camera, apply cropping and filter themselves, HRZN surpass that by providing a point-and-shoot experience, with the photos ready to share in batch. A timestamp is also overlayed to the photos to give them another layer of nostalgia. The camera, therefore, is more toy than tool.

You can visit the separate product page at or see it on the App Store.

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