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webQR 是我为了方便分享 Safari 网页到微信而开发的一款 Safari 插件。它的功能非常简单,点击按钮即可呈现一个当前页面 URL 的二维码,如果你用微信扫描自然可以在微信中打开页面,直接分享给朋友们。当然你也可以在 Safari 里搜索 app,然后用它来快速跳转到 App Store —— 最烦在 iPhone 的 App Store 里打字搜索了,慢就一个字。


WebQR 在使用过程中没有收集、存储、传输或接收任何信息。你的 URL 链接地址并没有被传递到任何地方,而二维码的制作也是通过本地代码完成,并非下载自远程服务器。

在 Safari 拓展页面中,你会看到如下内容:

“webQR” 可以从任何页面中读取、修改和发送内容。这些内容可能包含敏感信息,例如密码、电话号码和信用卡信息。

这是由于 webQR 使用了 Safari 允许的最高权限,来正常读取当前页面的 URL 地址。读取的地址只在本地使用,用来生成二维码。webQR 没有存储这一信息,或将这一信息用于其他用途。

关于 iTunes Affiliate 支持 / iTunes Affiliate

为了补贴家用,webQR 在呈现 App Store 页面时默认添加 Affiliate Token。当你使用这个二维码跳转到 App Store 并进行付费购买时,我可能会获得收益。这一佣金来自苹果,并非来自你我他,是苹果官方合作项目中的一部分。国内外许多科技网站和博客均使用这一合作项目。



webQR 使用 qrcode.js,来自 @davidshimjs。qrcode.js 依据 MIT 协议分发。


WebQR was designed to streamline the sharing process from a Mac to WeChat. Click the button and a pop-up appears, displaying a QR code of the current page's URL — it is that simple. You may also use it to search for an app on the Mac and jump right to the App Store on iPhone to start downloading.


WebQR does not collect, store, transmit or receive any information. Your URL is not sent anywhere. The QR code is generated locally and is not associated with any remote server.

In Safari Extension panel, you may see the following:

“WebQR” may read, modify, and send contents from any page. These contents may contain sensitive information including passwords, phone numbers and credit card information.

This is because WebQR request the highest permission offered by Safari to read the active tab's URL. (Safari, sadly, only offers permission settings by domain names.) WebQR does not store this information, or use it in any purposes other than generating and displaying the QR code.

iTunes Affiliate

WebQR appends Affiliate Token to App Store pages. When you scan the code and buy stuff from the App Store, I may get a cut of commission. This commission comes officially from Apple, and the Affiliate Program is one that's used by many blogs and websites home and abroad.

This feature has no impact whatsoever on you as a user, so I have defaulted it to ON. You may turn if off in preferences.


WebQR incorporates qrcode.js by @davidshimjs. qrcode.js is distributed under MIT License.

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